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Children and disputed divorces
Detalji za Children and disputed divorces
NazivChildren and disputed divorces
OpisThe papers published in this collection are reports from the expert meetings held and from the Annual CRONSEE Conference held in Dubroivnik in 2009, attended by ombudspersons or representatives of ombudsperson’s offices, members of the European Network of Ombudspersons’ for Children (ENOC), and invited international and domestic experts. The papers express the independent standpoints of experts who, within the framework of their professional competence and interests, are involved in the protection of children and their rights, and offer consideration and proposals of procedures and approaches which would contribute to a higher level of protection of children and the realisation of their rights. They are a reflection of the differing approaches and viewpoints of these experts presented at several expert meetings, and therefore their form is not completely unified.
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